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Join a vibrant community of female doctors who support and inspire each others. Become a mentor, watch a video on managing your finances, build a network of support, get help with growing your private practice and so much more.

Our mission is to support women through the journey from medical school to becoming specialists, in a supportive and interactive environment.

By empowering and inspiring female doctors, we hope to help them realise their full potential and ultimately enable them to be a driving force for change.

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Connect. Collaborate. Inspire.

Doc to Doc members have access to a wealth of online resources to help them realise their full potential and enable them to be a driving force for change…



We actively engage with both the medical and non-medical community to identify and source inspiring speakers for our events to help educate and develop our members around culture, initiating change, and leadership development.



Through our mentoring platform, women can connect, engage, and collaborate with likeminded individuals and professionals to help build stronger relationships, develop culture, and encourage leadership.

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Doc to Doc members have access to a wealth of online resources including engaging video content and podcasts, a monthly blog, and an online directory of members to facilitate collaboration and engagement.

Watch a short sample video of our recent talk with the CEO & Founder of Synapse - Margaret Faux

Members get access to the full talk as well as a wide range of other videos.


A membership to the Doc to Doc Network ensures that you have access to all our exclusive members-only content and discounted events access.

Hear from some of our members

This group is a fantastic idea and exactly what I need right now. I’m soon to go on maternity leave with my second child and I had been feeling really uninspired with my medical career. Having gained my FRACGP prior to my first child coming along I had “leaned out” of a career after his birth and have just been plodding along. Huge thanks to all of you inspiring women in medicine out there for reminding me that being a “good” mother and being ambitious in my career are not mutually exclusive (despite the messages society continues to send us). Seven weeks out from starting maternity leave again & I’m excited about what my future in medicine might look like!

We had a similar group start up in New Zealand back in February (NZ Women in Medicine) – HUGE success on several fronts, not the least of which is fostering better GP-specialist interactions/relationships, sharing of information, and lots of topical discussions – absolutely brilliant!

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Becoming a registrar – part 2

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