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What’s it all about?

The Doc to Doc Network started as a Facebook group. It is a private group for female doctors to connect, share experiences and get support.  Online communities are so powerful because they allow us to overcome the barriers of hierarchy, geography and brings together people from different specialties who all have different perspectives and experiences to contribute.  This group harness all that power and solidarity and is the first step towards creating meaningful change in Medicine.

Community Support

Post a question or a comment, a link to an article or a photo or just check in and see what topics are hot right now with your female colleagues.  Share difficult experiences within an understanding group environment and get support – a problem shared is a problem halved!

Connect & Collaborate

This group is an opportunity for you to virtually ‘rub shoulders’ with colleagues of all specialties and levels right across Australia.  Connect and discuss job opportunities, get career advice, collaborate, job share – the potential is endless.  

Educate & Inspire

Be inspired by the amazing women all around us.  Some have excelled in research, some in clinical practice or setting up a business, some in juggling family and career.  Sharing and connecting shows us just what is possible, even against the odds.  

Your Community Managers

dr melissa yang

dr melissa yang

Community Manager

Melissa feels strongly about advocating for junior doctors and medical students to ensure that they have a safe, sustainable and enjoyable workplace.   She believes women are the backbone of their families and communities, and sees Doc to Doc as a way to support and empower women in medicine to facilitate their success, wellbeing and happiness.
dr anna dunn

dr anna dunn

Community Manager

Anna is a Respiratory Physician who has recently completed her training in Victoria.  She is also a writer, a runner, and a feminist.  She believes in creating a level playing field for women in medicine and is passionate about helping young female doctors strive to have it all.  She wants Doc to Doc to change the world for women in medicine.
dr naghmeh radhakrishna

dr naghmeh radhakrishna

Community Manager

One of Naghmeh’s values is a passion for helping family, friends, colleagues and patients by listening and offering solutions. With Doc to Doc, her dream is to offer solutions to female doctors to achieve the very best they can. To push forth without fear and boundaries and to make medicine equal for all.

The Rules of our facebook group

No Spam

Unsolicited personal messages containing promotional material of any kind will not be tolerated.  Members engaging in propagation of spam will be removed from the group. 

No Affiliate Links

The Doc to Doc group is primarily a discussion group to provide support.  It is also a way for Doc to Doc to communicate with its members.  This site is not for advertising business opportunities, group discounts, self-promotion or any other posts that will result in personal or business financial gain.

Help & share

The idea of the Doc to Doc Facebook group is to provide a safe place for women to discuss the unique challenges that navigating a career in medicine presents.  We want this group to be a strong community of women supporting each other so that we can all benefit.

Be kind to Each Other

Do we need to say more? We encourage robust conversation but will delete any posts that are considered hurtful or disrespectful to any sub groups. Members are free to disagree with others, but remember that bullying, intimidating, harassing or attacking others is disrespectful and will result in removal from the group.  Let’s be kind to each other so that this group can reach its full potential.