Educational Videos

Doc to Doc events are a wonderful opportunity for women in the medical field to come together and share ideas. It’s the perfect occasion to celebrate the power of community and the amazing things that women can achieve through collaboration.  These video recordings  will transport you to the front seat of the event so that you can experience the inspirational speakers who are changing the world.  Stay tuned for our upcoming events.

Interview with Margaret Faux - Part 1


Interview with Margaret Faux - Part 2


Interview with Margaret Faux - Part 3


The Art of Negotiation with Florrie Darwin At Kensington Town Hall


Summary about insurance with Aaron Zelman


Insurance Q&A with Aaron Zelman


Income protection with Aaron Zelman


Doc to Doc with Sarah Well on Finance


Doc to Doc Network - Income Protection


Doc to Doc Network Webinar - Victoria Atkinson


Doc to Doc Network Webinar - Lucy Modra


Doc to Doc Network Webinar - Panel Discussion


Things you may want to know about billing.

Thanks to our partner Synpase – Experts in Medical Billing. If you want to see more videos like this, or educate yourself on billing questions, then check out their site:

Minute with Margaret 4: Can doctors really charge whatever they want?

Minute with Margaret 5: How does bulk billing work?

Minute with Margaret 5 (part 2) Bulk Billing - Follow the Money

Minute with Margaret 10: What is the rule around using private health insurance in public hospital?

Minute with Margaret 12: How does the Medicare Safety Net work?

Doc to Doc Network is proud to be a partner of Synapse - experts in medical billing.